…It’s the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs

Growing up I loved Star Wars, what kid in the 80’s didn’t? I had quite the collection of action figures from the series but my most beloved possession was my Millennium Falcon. That ship will always hold a special place in my heart. So now to the guitar…

I was at the NAMM show in Anaheim last January with the company I work for searching for new products to add to our catalogue. If you don’t know what the NAMM show is, it’s the biggest music merchant trade show in the world. Traveling along the showroom floor I saw something that made my heart skip a beat – a Millennium Falcon guitar! I was trying to play it cool on the outside but I was dying inside. I walked over to the guitar and admired it with my best pokerface. I met the owner of the company that builds these. I asked him many questions about the construction, the parts, shipping, and then proceeded to snap a picture. Within seconds my family had a group text message with this guitar. The consensus was to come home with it. Unfortunately the configuration of the guitar wasn’t to my liking for my needs which is live use. I walked away with thoughts racing through my mind. Over the next 2 days I visited Billy at his booth and talked to him more about the guitar. I was convinced he could build this to my exact specifications if I was really interested…and I was.

Sometime in February I contacted Billy about the guitar and the process began. The goal was to have this built by Neon Nostalgic’s big retro 80’s show in March. This was to be my surprise guitar for everybody to see! Billy was awesome and we communicated constantly about parts and build. We went with an EverTune bridge, DiMarzio Super Distortion bridge pickup, and a push/push pot so I could split the humbucker to single coil for those 80 Spanky guitar tones. To top of off we went with a beautiful Wenge neck. He provided photos along the way which made me want the guitar faster than it could fly in the movie.

When it showed up I was blown away. This was essentially my toy and my guitar all at the same time. It was like my childhood wrapped up in one package. It was 100% in-tune even though it came from California, that’s how good the EverTune bridge is. Unfortunately Covid had begun and our big show was cancelled, actually all our shows were cancelled. So until things get back to normal it’s in my basement on my wall and I look at it everyday. It will get out to that big show down the road and will be a staple piece as part of our 80’s show. If you want to hear and see the guitar in action, check out my YouTube channel where I demo the guitar. And oh yea… Chewy comes with the guitar..

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