Elevated Hip

The month of October was definitely a fun one in my musical journey.  Not too many gigs but there was more going on under the hood and behind the scenes.

The Phoenix

The highlight was definitely the gig at the legendary Phoenix concert theater in Toronto.  Many touring acts have performed on the very stage that I was standing and it’s rather surreal to be standing in the same spot as some of my heroes of past.  It’s always fun to sit in the green room and think about what they might have been doing or talking about…maybe I don’t want to know?

That night was about Elevation and The Practically Hip.  The Practically Hip are a Tragically Hip tribute band that happens to be good friends of ours.  Nice guys and extremely talented.  They do the Hip justice.  That night they were performing the entire Road Apples album from front to back with some mixed in hits towards the end.  Elevation did a recreation of the ZooTv tour from the 90’s.  We had video screens galore and lots and did the best we could to recreate that tour from the video bits to the exact set list.  In doing so it meant rehearsals and lots of video work.   I always enjoy playing the songs from that tour as I feel it’s probably Edge’s best and most diverse guitar work.  Lots of sounds and cool guitar parts.   The show went very well and we were extremely happy with everything that night.  

Off stage there was planning going on for November’s Neon Nostalgic’s big show at the Opera House.  Let’s just say I learnt a lot about building guitars and shop tools which I’ll share next month…

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